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WC-CARS Anti-Racism Symposium

WC-CARS Anti-Racism Symposium

Time & Location

Coming in October...
Online Event

About the Event

In October of 2021 we will be hosting an event which will bring together activists and artists in a two part model. The first part is to bring in people on the various frontlines of the anti-racism struggle. Our goal is to highlight the common struggles that lie at the intersection of these diverse efforts. We aim to provide a greater understanding within some of the larger conversations about racism today. We seek to connect people in different parts of the struggle. We will all come away with more knowledge of the work being done to combat racism and oppression on all fronts. 

Topics could include: Land and Water Defenders Update, Food Sovereignty, Abolition, Wellness, Racism in Health Care, Race and Class and Caste, Intersectionality, Migrant Labour Justice, Justice System, Missing and Murdered, Indigenous Women and Girls.

The second part will be to bring together a diverse lineup of artists whose performances will be featured throughout the event. Depending on where we are with the pandemic by October, we are considering having some live performances and some pre-recorded. We plan to include artists from across B.C.

The event will feature a multitude of artists which exists within racialized communities in B.C. These performances will underline the important role that arts, culture and celebration plays in the making of a better world.

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